The judgment of the Supreme Court concerning the language uniformity of the bill

The Supreme Court in the judgment No. 29 Cdo 427/2009 of December 21, 2010 held that the bill had to be monolingual at the time of being issued. It is not possible that a part of the bill was in one language and the rest in another or that the text of bills passed successively from one language to another. If there were more languages, it would be impossible to meet this requirement.

It is not important that the combination of languages used on the bill does not make the bill completely incomprehensible because of language proximity. The reason for invalidity is not “CHF” (expression of the code for currency), but expression “Swiss francs” which is not in Czech. According to the court, the reasoning of the appellant concerning the "pluralism" of currency data cannot be accepted, it is not possible to prefer or ignore one of them.

March 17, 2011


When the chairman has the casting vote Právní fórum, 1, 2010